The Hottest Online Casinos Where You Can Play In 2016

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Final Ranks Virtual Casino

The bonus received after opening a new account on the broker’s website.

Return Rate?

The final payout a player receives after a successful game. It is between 75%-99%.

USA Accounts?

Accounts available for United States residents.

Min. Deposit Bonus% ?

The extra sum received after investing in a deposit on the casino website.

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Playing Casino Games Just Got Easier

With the era of Internet evolving more and more from year to year, playing at a casino has become an activity that can be performed from anywhere, at anytime. It does not even matter if you are a professional player or you just stumbled upon an online casino website and have decided to give it a try. All you need is an Internet connection and $250 if you want to start off playing with and for money. If you just want to try the games, do not worry since there are free to play ones and demo accounts.

The casino and gambling industry has an early start, earlier than many might think of. Namely in 1863 the Monaco casino started to attract more and more enthusiasts and lead the way to the casino gaming businesses. Nowadays, it is said that the most important and luxurious land based casinos are situated in Las Vegas, but what if you do not live in the United States but still would like to get the feel of a real Nevada casino? Very simple, you choose an online one and start your gambling career there

The sole difference between a live and a virtual casino is that the latter offers biggest payouts, demo accounts, video tutorials and more comfort. So, you can simply see why the online casinos industry is starting to flourish so much these days. It is all about the simplicity and ease of use the players and other enthusiasts appreciate so much at a web based casino. Without further ado let us see what are the main features that characterize the online casino gaming field of business.

Main features

The first characteristic the online casinos possess is the fact that they feature hundreds of games. Each and every type of player has a particular type of game to play, be them Progressive Jackpot, Reel Games, Slot Games or Table Games. What is more is that there are different gaming software developers thus the games can differ so the diversity is greater. Related to these games are the payouts that can be as high as 99% from the sum initially invested, so you can see there are great chances of making quite some money.

Next up would be the bonuses that are also very generous, a No Deposit Bonus being the main feature that differentiates the online casinos from other gambling businesses. This type of bonus refers to the fact that the player does not need to open an account and invest in a deposit in order to receive the extra sum of money. Instead, some online casinos companies offer this No Deposit bonus as a welcoming gift and, of course, an incentive to stay and play on their platform. This is a very good opportunity both for the player and the casino, in this way commencing a win-win situation.

Risks And How To Deal With Them

When coming to businesses that require a certain money investment from your part it is clear that there are also some risks to be dealt with. In this case, many players tend to not take into consideration the state of mind they are in when starting a game. Even though it might seem pretentious, this advice is of high importance: never play when not calm. The nervosity or a fragile mental state can mean a lost game because the player could not simply concentrate on his/hers actions.

Having a maximum amount of money to invest in your games and never increasing it no matter how well the games go, is another tip that could save a gamer’s career. Even though you see to have a lucky streak, do not risk all your money at once because it might happen that the new game you just started transforms into a total failure. Even the professional players keep track of their wins and losses and never play with sums that are too big.

Last but for sure not least: play with a demo account. Or, if available, try the free games the online casinos offer. In this way you will get to exercise for a few days and have a better understanding of the mechanisms behind the games. Even for a pro player, this demo accounts can come very in handy. With their help, he/she is able to try new strategies or to get a feel of the casino’s games before deciding to settle.

Final Ideas

Playing games in an online casino is a modern and easy way of relaxing and making money at the same time. Everyone can do this activity as long as they have a personal computer connected to the Internet. There is no experience limitation and the casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. The payouts are usually very big, bigger than in the case of the land based casinos and this is one of the reasons more and more players choose the virtual way. In addition to this, there is a No Deposit bonus available and it means the player does not have to invest money in an actual account to receive it, but it is given by default by some casinos.

Because it is a money investment type of business, there are some associated risks that can be very easily overcome if one is careful enough to not trade all of his money in a single tranche. Instead, it is advisable to keep a clear mind and evaluate all the possible outcomes before proceeding and beginning to play. The demo accounts and free to play games are yet another way to manage risks. By using them for several days, a player is able to develop a certain knowledge towards the casino games and he/she will be much more prepared to meet any possible impediments.

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